moving on

Hello All!
I have no pictures to show, but thought I would give a quick little update.
Life has been super crazy lately! I got an unexpected job at a flooring company, so we are moving to the Salt Lake area! I am excited to
{1} be doing something more related to my degree,
{2} be working everyday with one of my bests, Brighton!
{3} be closer to family, and
{4} move on with our lives!
It is a little bittersweet to be leaving Logan, but mostly we are excited to do something new.
Logan has been busy finishing the semester, working, and is getting ready for finals, while I have been juggling my job here, training someone new, online training for my new jobs in the evening, working the new job on weekends, along with some design jobs on the side. Needless to say we haven't had much time to take pictures! But soon, hopefully soon.
We move in a little over a week, and I can't wait to settle into our new place. I will post pictures once I am done playing. Love that I will have something new to decorate!
Check out my design blog to see a couple of the new projects I've finished.


{Catch Up}

Oh my. I'm sorry. I have a million excuses why I have been to busy to blog lately (and I think all of them are extremely valid), but I am going to do a little catch up to rid myself of guilty blog feelings. Things might be a bit backwards, but here you have it!
A few weeks ago my friends Jamie, Sara and I decided to try out our domestic skills by decorating cupcakes. PINK LEMONADE cupcakes. Yes, they are as good as they sounds. You can find the recipe here.

Our inspiration for decorating them came from Martha Stewart. They did not turn out like Martha Stewart cupcakes.
But we were pretty proud of them anyways!

This is how good they were...
In January we went to Jamie and Derek's cabin at Bear Lake. We just played games and partied, and the guys played some ice hockey. Nolan was the only one who would wear skates. It was such a nice sunny day for it!
Logan showing off his mad skills...

New Years Eve
The annual Walhen family party at a hotel. It's always a blast! I don't know where else I would fall off my chair during a card game, giving myself a HUGE bump on my forearm for weeks.
Isn't my boy cute? Sorry, you can't have him.

We were clearly excited for 2010!
Or maybe we were just excited to kiss...

I made my mom these pillows for Christmas, and even though they were kind of a nightmare, I love how they turned out! I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and I am determined to become more talented in that area.

Oh, I heart you mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christmas morning at the Riley's.
I love this picture of Wyatt.
We played some new Wii!
And Brady lost at......whatever game this is... :)


Bonnie and Brock had their darling little boy, Carter. Check out their blog!

I made his baby announcements, you can see them on my design blog....

Thanks for looking at this ginormous post. Love you all!



Frenchie and Flea (one of my new everyday visits) are giving away these
oh so perfect love notes for Valentines Day.

Although I'm sure I will make some of my own, think
of the lucky people that could get these from me!

You know you want to enter the drawing.....


{10 things that make me happy}

In no particular order,
click to view larger...
{1} traveling {2} reading {3} interior design
{4} singing loud to good music {5} logan
{6} so you think you can dance {7} graphic design
{8} holding hands {9} really awesome vintage weddings
{10} shoes
Thanks McCall!
I tag... Brooke. Erin. Julie. Sheena. Val.
P.S. I updated my design blog. Take a gander!



Remember these pillows? Sad, dreary pillows....
Well, my friend Chels decided she would be willing to help me make some new pillows to brighten up my sofa. The only sewing I have ever done was in a class in high school. Needless to say, I don't have a finished product of any project, and the pieces of a dress laid in a bag until I got married and threw them away. Don't know how I passed that class, but you get the point. But, we found the cutest fabric shop in Preston, and it inspired me! :) So, my first attempt at sewing went pretty good if I do say so myself.

I saw this fabric called around the world and I had to have it. It has landmarks from famous cities, and you know I love traveling. Those Russian building tops were just calling me.
And so was this tree......
Then I saw this yellow fabric. Fantastic color + fantastic graphic = fantastic pillow.
So now my sofa looks sooo much happier! That plum pillow on the right still has to be topped off with a big buttion in the middle.
Yay for me! I am no longer frightened of sewing machines. In fact, I want one.


{hAlLoWeEn '09}

We had a great Halloween weekend this year. Family and friends.
The weekend began with this..... :)
{costume in the making}
Krissy and Brad hosted a party where we ate delicious food, made carmel apples, and watched the jazz game!
Don't they look delicious??

Clothesline! Aren't we cute trees?
Sorry for the picture overload, but I just had to post pictures of everyones costumes!
{I maybe don't know the names of these guys...}
{Swine Flu}
yes, he looked dead for real
{Clark Kent and his nurse}
I never managed to get Brad and Krissy together for a picture, but they were Bret and Mel from Flight of the Conchords. It was great!
{the whole group of us}

The next night, on Halloween, we went to Liza's for a family party. It was a blast!
{McCall & Brady.....Hh}
Ketchup and Mustard, and Grandma Melba was sunshine in her yellow sweater!
We had a mummy wrapping contest, and it was pretty hilarious. This is Wyatt after being the victim of McCall, Brady, Logan and I....
Kamden's aftermath...
We also had dinner with my mom, sister and her family....but I didn't get any pictures! If you want to see the cutest homemade pizza costume on little Sophie, check out Val's blog here....
She's super talented!
Thanks everyone for the awesome weekend!