moving on

Hello All!
I have no pictures to show, but thought I would give a quick little update.
Life has been super crazy lately! I got an unexpected job at a flooring company, so we are moving to the Salt Lake area! I am excited to
{1} be doing something more related to my degree,
{2} be working everyday with one of my bests, Brighton!
{3} be closer to family, and
{4} move on with our lives!
It is a little bittersweet to be leaving Logan, but mostly we are excited to do something new.
Logan has been busy finishing the semester, working, and is getting ready for finals, while I have been juggling my job here, training someone new, online training for my new jobs in the evening, working the new job on weekends, along with some design jobs on the side. Needless to say we haven't had much time to take pictures! But soon, hopefully soon.
We move in a little over a week, and I can't wait to settle into our new place. I will post pictures once I am done playing. Love that I will have something new to decorate!
Check out my design blog to see a couple of the new projects I've finished.

3 little thoughts:

Bob & Dani said...

Good luck with all the new changes coming your way! I'm sure the Ice Center will miss you. I hope you enjoy your new job and home!

Trenton and Kelsey said...

We're sure going to miss you two!!!Good luck with everything!

Brady and McCall said...

Oh we are so excited for you two to be closer! This will be fun! Let us know if you need help moving or anything:)